What Is Smithfield BioScience?

Sustainable Science. Innovative Solutions.

Smithfield Foods is committed to producing Good Food. Responsibly.®​​ Part of that responsibility is making sure we utilize the entire animal and minimize waste. There are many parts of the animal that are not typically eaten. However, at Smithfield, we have found valuable uses for these parts, such as supplying them to the medical community.

Smithfield BioScience is part of a vertically integrated platform providing an unparalleled level of traceability and product safety, while offering innovative solutions to increase functionality and viability of Smithfield’s non-food products for the advanced development of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and medical devices.

Smithfield Foods continues to invest in its BioScience unit and is one of the only U.S. manufacturers of Heparin Sodium USP. In Cincinnati, we have a USDA-approved and FDA-registered facility with significant expansion plans. The facility manufactures products used in cardiac surgery, dialysis procedures, blood transfusions, medical device implantation, and many other applications.

Striking similarities between porcine and human DNA and digestive tracts have inspired Smithfield to utilize and explore further medical breakthroughs to increase the well-being of human lives. Potential benefits include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nutraceutical Supplements
  • Medical Device Solutions
  • Tissue Fabrication
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Gelatin Binding & Stabilizing Agents
  • Human Therapeutics

Quality Genetics

By owning our own genetics company – Smithfield Premium Genetics – we can capitalize on our expertise to better understand how porcine genetics can impact organ size, tissue properties and functionality, as well as heparin potency.

Smithfield Foods believes in the power of vertical integration, and therefore maintains its own genetics company, as well as hog farms.  As the world’s largest vertically integrated genetics company, Smithfield Premium Genetics is able to ensure traceability of porcine genetics to the sow and farm of origin.

Smithfield Premium Genetics has developed a proprietary line of hogs called SPG240 –sired from a line of Duroc hogs which are known for their superior quality. No other producer has access to these proprietary genetics.

Most importantly, we achieve these superior genetics naturally. We employ the science of genomics: taking millions of genetic data points about the animals and their environment and, with the help of sophisticated statistical software, calculating which ones have the gene characteristics we want to see in the next generations of hogs we will raise.

Hog Production

Smithfield Foods is the largest hog producer in the world, producing about 16 million hogs per year in the United States and 21 million hogs globally. We capitalize on our company’s vertical integration and control the raising of our own hogs. In fact, we have the ability to manage all aspects of the production process to meet our customers’ evolving specifications and demands. These include traceability, group housing systems for pregnant sows, and leading the industry in reduced antibiotic usage.

Smithfield BioScience takes pride in providing our customers with an assured supply of high-quality raw materials. We are committed to responsible operations and our sustainability programs set us apart from our competitors. Key commitments include:

  • FIRST to develop and implement a comprehensive, systematic animal-welfare management program
  • ONLY company in the industry to report antibiotics use (since 2007). We also ended the use of medically important antibiotics for growth promotion on ALL company-owned and contract farms (including ractopamine)
  • FIRST to announce a goal to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 25% by 2025 across our entire supply chain – to date, we have decreased greenhouse gas emissions and water use since our baseline year
  • Eight of our facilities are CERTIFIED ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL, with more on the way
  • FIRST to achieve ISO 14001 environmental certification for all farms and processing facilities worldwide

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our geographic prominence both in the U.S. and globally allows us to harvest 38 million hogs annually to provide raw materials to virtually anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

In the United States, we have ten fresh harvest plants, including an FDA-approved plant for pharmaceutical-grade products and the largest sow harvest facility in North America.

Smithfield BioScience employs tissue collection specialists to harvest glands, mucosa, and pig skin to be used in both pharmaceutical and medical device applications. We have on-site testing labs and robust auditing processes in place at our facilities to ensure our products meet exact customer specifications.

Smithfield BioScience prides itself on our ability to trace information about the origin of our hogs throughout the entire supply chain for our customers. From the genetics and housing of our hogs to their farms and animal care, to their processing, storage, and distribution – every aspect is tracked to ensure exact specifications are met.

Research & Development

Smithfield BioScience has a dedicated Research & Development team to proactively develop new APIs to support customer needs and provide further processed ingredients for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We have extensive experience in extracting APIs from porcine tissues, and are able to certify strength, quality, and purity of heparin derivatives.

Smithfield BioScience also has a dedicated Regulatory team that is available to assist with FDA-required approvals and ensure product specifications meet our partners’ custom needs. We have experience dealing with global regulatory bodies, including the FDA, TPD, TGA, PMDA, MHRA, SFDA, and HAS. We are committed to ongoing compliance with global regulatory demands.